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Example of Cost Savings Using HCI’s Syrup Recovery System:
Gallons of Syrup Saved
(as much as 50 gallons)
Gallons saved per year
x 5
Flavor changes per day
x $1
B.O.D. waste treatment charges
per gallon
Gallons of syrup saved per day
B.O.D. charges per year
x 5
Days a week
Gallons of syrup saved per week
x 52
Weeks per year
Gallons saved per year
Dollar cost of syrup saved per year
x $4
Approximate cost of syrup per gallon
Dollar cost of B.O.D. charges per year
Cost saved per year
Total savings per year
As demonstrated by the above calculations, quite clearly money will be saved by utilizing our products, but you will be gaining more than that. Again, using the Syrup Recovery System (SRS) as an example, if your bottling line is functioning perfectly, which the SRS will allow it to do by cutting the depalletizer at the exact moment to allow for just enough containers to be sent to the filler so that the product and the containers run out at the same time, your efficiency will increase. And if your processes are running efficiently, that increases productivity by freeing up plant staff to focus on other, more laborious tasks.
As environmental concerns continue to grow in our society, it is imperative that we incorporate environmentally-friendly processes into our businesses. At HCI we are doing what we can to assist you with that goal by helping you eliminate waste that is harmful to the environment. This is a fact that you can be proud of not just because you are doing something good for the environment, but also because you are increasing productivity and your bottom line at the same time.