beverage decarbonator charleston south carolina

Product Testing Made Easy and More Efficient!

We designed the EC-160 Beverage Decarbonator with the quality assurance process in mind. By using a combination of agitation and vacuum atmosphere, we have designed a system that will consistently remove Carbon Dioxide from beverage products for BRIX and Titratable Acidity testing. When using the EC-160, degassing times are reduced by up to 85% over conventional methods, keeping your bottling lines running and your processes operating more efficiently. The microprocessor-based controls utilized on the EC-160 ensure consistent testing results time-after-time.

Ease of operation, reduced testing time and consistent results make the EC-160 an asset to any Quality Control Laboratory.

Enclosure – 304 Stainless Steel
Vacuum Pump – 28” Hg
Control Processor – Micro-Logic 1000 Allen/Bradley
Agitation – Magnetic Stirrer