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The Product Recovery System is an automated beverage recovery system that provides production personnel with a function that has never been utilized until now…the functionality of no-dump start-ups, saving gallons of syrup during every flavor change. The system is designed to capture blended beverage that is out of specification due to Assay, CO2 content, or BRIX at any time during production. Once the product is captured, it is slowly metered back into the product flow prior to carbonation, which helps to increase overall syrup yields while reducing BOD surcharges.

The Product Recovery System will retrofit to all types of blenders and will CIP with your existing process equipment.

The system is equipped with Allen/Bradley control components and AlfaLaval process components. All spare parts are constantly inventoried at our facility and in most cases can be available to you within 24 hours of notification.

60 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied with the Product Recovery System within 60 days from the start-up date, we will remove and refund the full purchase price of the equipment.

Haselden PRS Details
Haselden PRS Benefits

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