beverage wand extraction

When extracting ingredients from a variety of container sizes for blending, is your extraction device:

Adjustable to fit the size of your container?


Equipped to spray in multiple directions within the container so that you get all of the ingredients from within?

Ours is.

As the beverage industry continues to change and add new flavors, ingredient containers are also changing. And since The Haselden Company is committed to evolving with your needs, we developed an Extraction Wand, or "Drum Wand," that is fully adjustable and completely CIPable.

The "Drum Wand" is manufactured with 316 stainless steel, and uses a Buna seal, which allows the operator to easily adjust the wand length to the fit the applicable container size. When rinsing the ingredient containers, the rinse chamber is easily sealed preventing water loss and possible over-spray on the operator. A 60 spray pattern is machined into each rinse tube to insure complete coverage when rinsing containers with minimal water usage. Once extraction is complete, place the wand in the CIP Holder, which is included in your purchase, so that the unit will be cleaned during the CIP process.

Please call us for references on the Haselden Drum Wand so that you can hear how awesome it is first hand from operators who are already using it!

beverage  extraction wand details