All Haselden products were designed with the goal of making food and beverage bottling processes more efficient by reducing time and waste. As environmental concerns continue to grow in our society, it is imperative that we incorporate environmentally-friendly processes into our businesses. At HCI we are doing what we can to assist you with that goal by helping you eliminate waste that is harmful to the environment. This is a fact that you can be proud of not just because you are doing something good for the environment, but also because you are increasing productivity and your bottom line at the same time.

Product Recovery System (PRS) – The PRS was designed to capture out-of-spec product at any time during the bottling process so it can be slowly metered back into the process, reducing waste.

Syrup Recovery System (SRS) – The SRS coordinates the essential processes during a bottling operation so that all equipment cuts-off at the same time, helping to minimize waste.  This is just one of several benefits of this system.

n capturing product for reuse, both recovery systems are helping to save you money by reducing the waste of usable product, but they also reduce B.O.D. charges you would incur for sugar waste processing.  These two factors working together help you recover your investment quickly and post gains every year after.

EC-160 Beverage Decarbonator – Designed for your QC Lab, the EC-160 removes carbon dioxide quickly for product testing to help reduce down-time and keep your bottling lines operational.

In-line Strainers – Our In-line Strainers save on downtime by simplifying the process of removing and cleaning your strainer filter insert; just loosen the clamp, remove the insert, rinse, and replace and you’re off and running.

C.I.P. Systems – Haselden Clean-in-Place Systems save you time and money by maintaining preheated cleaning solutions in the system thereby eliminating the need to continually circulate your cleaning solution to get it to the FDA approved temperature.

Ingredient Extraction (Drum) Wand – Our Drum Wand is fully-adjustable to fit any size ingredient container and seals to prevent loss of any product, and it has been manufactured to spray in multiple directions at once when you are rinsing the container so you get all of the ingredients from within.